Lansvale United Sports Club
21 Shortland Street Canley Vale 2166 Phone: (02) 9727 2288


All members, guests and children are required to be neatly, cleanly and appropriately attired at all times. Any decision as to propriety and cleanliness of dress, and its conformity to the Club's Dress Regulations rests with management.

The following are 
NOT acceptable at Lansvale United Sports Club:

  1. Dirty / Soiled clothing.

  2. Slashed, ripped or frayed clothing.

  3. Brief shorts that may be considered offensive (with or without pockets), bike riding style shorts or leotards.

  4. Revealing singlets on women

  5. Singlets or Muscle Shirts no allowed in(Male or Female).

  6. Clothing with political or obscene slogans or pictures.

  7. Motorcycle club colours. 

  8. Hats or any other headwear (except for religious, medical or cultural purposes).

  9. School uniforms in restricted areas.

  10. No Football boots (studded shoes) will be worn in club.

  11. Studded belts.


Any member heard using obscene or objectionable language within the Club will be cited to appear before the Board of Directors. Visitors will automatically be barred from the Club.


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