Function Terms & Conditions

Booking Procedure:

Check availability of your function date and arrange a tentative booking with Tennyson or Leeanne.

This booking will only be held for 14 days. Arrange an appointment with Tennyson or Leeanne to view the Club facilities.

To confirm your booking a refundable security deposit of minimum of $150 and a signed function booking sheet is required.

Any updates must be communicated to Tennyson or Leeanne.



Walls And Doors:

Nothing is permitted on the doors or walls (especially items such as Sticky tape, masking tape, pins or gaffa tape) to hang any signage, posters or any materials in any function rooms, otherwise the organiser will take responsibility for the cost of damage incurred.

Function Hire Conditions:

The club reserves the right to cancel any unconfirmed booking that exceed the 14-day holding period. All functions require a signed Function Sheet to confirm the booking. The function-booking sheet is a document confirmation of a binding agreement between the club and the organiser. For your catering purposes, confirmed numbers will be made at least 14 days prior to the function date.

If full hirer fee is not received 14 days prior to the booking the management has the right to cancel the function. Any changes to room set up with in less than 24 hours notice could occur a small fee.

Room hirer closing times are no later than 12 midnight but bar will close at 11.30pm.

Club Policy:

It would be nice if at least one person booking the function was a full $10 member. Any outside catering (such as food) is not permitted without notice from the Club Manager (Leeanne Dwarte).

Cancellation Policy:

If a function is cancelled within two (2) weeks of the function date the deposit is non-refundable. If the function is cancelled with two or more weeks before your function date the deposit is refundable.


Functions Booked on Public Holidays:

No function will be booked on Public Holidays.

(If you wish to book on a Public Holiday it will occur an extra 20% of the total beverage account and an extra charge for room hire).


Any persons heard using obscene or objectionable Language within the club will be asked to leave and cited to appear before the Board of Directors.


In order for the club to comply with the smoke free Environment Act 2000, we must advise that no smoking is permitted inside the club, only in areas permitted.


Ø    Lansvale United Sports Club recommends the use of Balloons or Flower arrangement.

Ø    The following are not permitted at any time: Confetti, rice, glitter or small little numbers etc

If you are unsure please talk to Tennyson or Leeanne.






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